Baaghi 3

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Baagi-3 was released on 6th March 2020. The movie is an action and a thriller movie and the third part of the Baagi franchise. Baagi 1 and Baagi 2 were released in 2016 and 2018 respectively each acquiring enormous success. Baagi 3 depicts a man battling against the whole nation. The story plots are sensibly carried out and has been displayed in a very convincing way. All the lead actors Tiger Shroff, Shraddha Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Riteish Deshmukh have a very fantastic screen presence.

The film is directed by Ahmed Khan. Santhana Krishnan Ravichandra is the cinematographer. Manini Mishra is the production designer. Ram Chella, Laxman Chella, and kecha Khamphakdee are the action choreographers. All the teams have done their excellent jobs in their specific field. Baagi 3 displays a powerful performance of Tiger Shroff who has been cast as Ronnie in the movie and He is the younger brother of Vikram, whose role is played by Ritesh Deshmukh. The father of these two brothers is being played by Jackie Shroff as Charan Chaturvedi who had died when his sons were young. Vikram joins the police force when he grows up. In the movie, it is shown that the IPL is a kidnapper and always kidnaps the whole family but never asks for the ransom which keeps the officers confused about his business but the police were not aware of this criminal also working for Abu Jalal Gaza, who is the leader of the biggest terrorist organization known as Jaish-E-Lashkar which is operated from Syria. The locals and the police both fear Bajwa’s senior IPL and couldn’t press any charge against one of the IPL’s men who burnt a person alive at the Lohamandi Police Station’s.

Later on, when the Lohamandi Police Station gets a complaint of kidnapping, The officers send Vikram to rescue the kidnappers. Vikram gets frightened and sought the help of his brother Ronnie. Ronnie goes along with his brother and helps him rescue the victims from the IPL’s factory. Ronnie beat up the IPL’s men in the factory in the dark. The credit of this rescue mission is given to Vikram and everyone takes him as a hero as they tend to believe that Vikram is the one who rescued the hostages. Meanwhile, the part of the movie shows how Siya(Shraddha Kapoor) and Ronnie fall in love with each other and the wedding of Vikram and Ruchi(Ankita Lokhande). This part of their life seems to be going really interesting and happy until Vikram is sent to Syria to get the IPL arrested, this is where Vikram gets kidnapped by Abu’s men and start torturing Vikram. The rest of the film is followed by how Ronnie goes to Syria and rescues his brother Vikram from the Terrorists. Ronnie battles with the army of Abu Jalal and defeats the entire army with his fierce entry in Syria. Overall, Baagi 3 displays the intensity of how far one man could go to secure his loved ones from terrorism. This movie depicts the most terrific action scenes and the most thrilling powerful performances by the superstar Tiger Shroff.

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