Angrezi Medium Full Movie Story: It’s an emotional small-town story packed with powerful performances.

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Written By Sanjay Khatri

This story is set in Udaipur (Rajasthan). The story is all about Champak Bansal (Irfan Khan), who is born and raised in Udaipur (Rajasthan), Champak’s world pretty much revolves around his daily bickering with his other Ghasitaram brother, Gopi (Deepak Dobriyal), and caring for his only daughter, Tarika, who’s all set to graduate from high school and looking to embark on another academic journey. But, she is an ambitious girl, has dreams of exploring and find out what lies outside of her small world. Unaware of the difficulties he would be confronting while fulfilling the dreams of her daughter. Eventually, it goes out of control when it comes down to paying the hefty fee. A dedicated father, Champak vows to do whatever it takes to send his daughter to study abroad. For which he takes a huge decision and treads on a path that not only proves his unconditional love for his girl but also transforms their relationship.

‘Angrezi Medium’ portrays and idealizes the mindset of the young generation’s die-hard obsession of pursuing further studies in foreign countries, and on the other hand their family’s determination to conquer and crossover every hurdle for their loved ones. There are other underlying themes, too, but this remains the primary subject of the film.

Irfan remarkably breathes life into Champak in a way that nobody else can. He is ably supported and matched inch by inch by another fine actor, Deepak Dobriyal. His rapport with Irrfan is amazing that adds a packing punch into this movie. Radhika Madan, as this mildly rebellious and often clueless teenager, pulls off a fine performance, especially in the scenes where her movingly beautiful relationship with her father unfolds. Their chemistry is organic and very heartening. Kareena Kapoor Khan does well in her brief appearance as tough cop Naina and adds to the chaos in the second half of the film.

However, her relationship with her mother, Mrs. Kohli (played by Dimple Kapadia), is underexplored. It would have been interesting to watch the dynamics of their relationship play out in the movie. The first half of the screenplay is more engaging than the second, but, while trying to fit in too many subplots, the story goes quite haywire. There are some fantastic moments in the film, and sharply written scenes between the characters, too, which in turn, prove to be the highlights of this drama. However, the story is far too convenient and has inconsistencies that are hard to overlook, but Irfan’s exceptional performance makes it worth the watch.
‘Angrezi Medium’ does lose its grip on several occasions, what it does not lose is its hold on the emotion that it is trying to bring out, and the message it leaves you with. An out and an out must-see movie at least

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