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Corona Virus Outbreak

Corona Virus case which was first encountered in Chinese Market in Wuhan has declared as Global Pandemic by World Health Organization. Death rate has been gradually increased globally whereas china has recovered from the outbreak. Italy has suffered a lot from this outbreak where the death rate is increasing in Spain too. United States of America has also been locked down due to the dramatic growth of Outbreak within the country. After China, Iran had suffered from the pandemic where the chief governmental personnel were also corona positive. The whole world is seems to have locked down due to this deadly virus.

Trending Videos on Corona Virus Outbreak

Prince Charles Tested Positive for Corona Virus

71 years old British Prince Charles Tested positive for Corona Virus. Although the symptoms are not severe and he is kept in self isolation with treatment. Prince showed some mild symptoms of corona virus and tested positive of it. 

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Indian Police Brutally Punished the Lock down Violators

Indian Police Brutally punishes the 21 days lock down violators. Indian government has declared only emergency cases will be given the permit to travel through lock down period however the citizens seems to have violating the rules. 

Amitab Bachchan Suggested Housefly can spread the Corona Virus

Bollywood Superstar Amitab Bachchan suggested that Housefly can spread the Corona virus. He appealed Indian citizens to keep sanitation around the localities and reduce the mass gathering of people. He also advised people to follow the government rules.